Website design greater than
the sum of its HTML.

Can your brand and website design affect your business? We know they can; your website is more than an online presence, your brand and corporate image communicates your professionalism, your passion for your business, your dedication to your clients and can actively encourage business and/or generate leads.

Creatively, you want your website design to stand out from your competitors. Marketing means more than an attractive website design and layout. We can help you create the right brand and image, market your service or product online through thought provoking website design together with eMarketing.

Technically your website design's programming can bring interactivity to your site and encourage clients to actually use it. You can gain invaluable profile data on your customers and use it for traditional marketing campaigns or for emarketing.

We can help with your branding, online marketing, search engine ranking, data capture, lead generation and maximisation of your marketing communications budget. If you want more than a Graphic Designer, a Website Designer, a Web Developer, an eMarketing agency… drop us a line.

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Website Design

We can't reiterate enough that every website design we create represents the individual objectives of our clients. This is because we learn their business, what they want to achieve, and don't reproduce their site following the latest website design fad. Working from our offices in Chiswick, London and the Jewellery quarter, Birmingham we're well placed to service our clients nationally.

The website designs below were designed and programmed inhouse. Below are examples of recent website design projects for which we’ve planned the marketing strategy, rebranded the company, programmed and constructed the websites.


Proprocure - A corporate objective

Posted by Paul

ProProcure approached Origin Digital to remarket and rebrand their company. The objective for their brand and website design, primarily, was to clearly convey the very specialist business services. Proprocure is a marketing procurement specialist and has many facets to....


ALM - Asset Language Management

Posted by Paul

Asset Language Management (ALM) required a complete rebrand of their marketing literature aswell as a website redesign. The objective of the site was to convey their catered-for languages, their image as a fresh vibrant company and their client portfolio...

Doctor Who DVD Files

The Doctor Who DVD files - A creative objective

Posted by Paul

The Doctor Who DVD files website objective was to give the user the Doctor Who experience and inspire the user to want to stay on the website and find more about the product. We did this through a website that is designed around the Tardis control panel which encourages the Doctor Who fan into exploring the site through...

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Web Hosting

Website & Mail Hosting Server


Origin Design Website Design and e-Marketing

Our origins come from traditional marketing and design, this helps us understand, in todays digitally dominated world, how to make the most of your online marketing. Creativity has always been at the core of the service we offer and this extends to website design and emarketing solutions that we offer. We have grown a reputation for creating original, creative websites and online marketing campaigns for businesses.

Today we have come a long way and so have our customers. With our proactive approach, reliable and always available, we have retained the majority of the clients we worked with since we started in 1997.
Your website design and emarketing is more than a project to us, it is the start of a relationship where we are part of your growing success.


Web Site Design

Undoubtedly where we shine… however the objective if your website will dictate the approach we take to creativity. We are experienced at being creative within the boundaries of a technically accessible, useable site with objectiveness being paramount to the final website design.

Following a brief you will find our experience in creating your website design to match, comes into its own. If our experience tells us that there may be a better way of marketing your product or service we will always offer the solutions and openly the discuss the reasoning behind our advice.
Our website creativity means you can distinguish yourself from competitors and visually communicate with your audience more effectively.

Your target market and objective will dictate the level of creativity your site needs.
A marketing strategy, should you need one, scheduling and a brief with dedicated creatives is the first stage of the website design process with us.

Website Design testimonials

Your Website design is your marketing platform and is a crossroads, whereby all marketing mediums point; your potential clients find out more about your business and your brand, existing customers keep up to date, it is your corporate window from the digital world. Your website design can encourage sales, lead generation or can be the hub of your business. By first understaning your business, we look at your brand positioning, target market profile and with your objective in mind come up with online solutions that best serves your business.

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"The website which Origin set up for us, has helped transform our business from being a small player in our market to a dominant force. It has allowed us to sell professionally to global multinationals in a cost
effective way. "

Alasdair Edwards

Read about the Intouch website project



"I firmly believe that mgts now has one of the sharpest, slickest and professional looking websites within our business sector and this down
to the way in which you have guided
us through the development

Neil Withey
Marketing Director,
Midland Group Training Services

Read about the MGTS website project


007 Spy Cards

"An excellent site to supplement the launch of the 007 Spy Cards magazine and encourage subscriptions. Origin Digital ensured the design engaged the target market of boys aged 7 to 12 while keeping the site easy to
navigate. "

Gareth Watkinson
Subscriptions manager,
GE Fabbri

Read about the Spy Cards website project


Your website design is just the beginning, if your potential clients don’t know you are there how can you make the most of your investment. Following your website design completion you will need to market it:

e-Newsletters or e-Zines

It costs five times more to find a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Communicate and network with your established client base. It is a vital part of any Marketing strategy. Good news travels fast by email and is a great way to keep your customers up to date.
Trust, builds relationships, and relationships build sales.

Used properly, Enewsletters can help build business relationships.

Your trustworthiness in content, regularity and ability to subscribe and unsubscribe is paramount. Online businesses can portray themselves as a stable source of information on their chosen market.
Enewsletters deliver valuable information, helps customers stay ahead of industry trends, and informs on best practice or industry advances from many sources. We can help with the design construction dtabase purchase and fully data driven eflyer fulfilment.

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le sommelier newsletter


Eflyer marketing campaigns are still one of the best and most cost effective solutions to promoting your product or service by truly reaching a large viewing audience instantly.

Increase traffic to your site and support emarketing campaigns.

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ALM christmas card

ALM - Christmas Card





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of an Author

Social Media

Social media is the power of networking, online and turbo boosted. The emerging power of Social media uses websites like twitter, linkedIn, facebook, StunbleUpon and reddit, all are powerful marketing tools that are a‘must-have’ as part of your Emarketing strategy.

Get the word out, build trust and promote conversation about your product and services. Your online reputation can be managed and you

can directly demonstrate your professional knowledge, again, building trust in your existing and potential client base.

Word-of-mouth marketing needs no introduction, it’s a powerful way to bring in new customers, build relationships and trust. The line of communication between you and millions of potential customers is already established it merely needs initiating. Increased traffic to your website can be profound numbers coupled with a viral campaign.

NUTS facebook game


Blogs are a great way of keeping your clients informed and can easily be integrated into your website.
Establishing and maintaining a business blog does need your dedicated time, a blog works best when content is updated regularly. The advantage is once a blog is on your site you can maintain it without outside help or associated costs. Blogs allow you to communicate and network with your established client base. Trust builds relationships, and relationships build sales.

Used properly, blogs can help build business relationships based on trust. Your trustworthiness in content, regularity and ability to subscribe and unsubscribe is paramount. Online businesses can portray themselves as a stable source of information on their chosen market place.
Blogs deliver valuable information, helps customers stay ahead of industry trends, and inform on best practice or industry advances from many sources.
Blogs can become customers' trusted information resource on related

business issues, this helps you to position your company as a credible source, which in turn retains your customer base.

Valuable and relevant information can always prove to be a great asset. Build that sense of trust amongst your potential customers and reinforce your value to your customers with each blog entry.
Blogs are particularly good for search engine ranking promoting multiple keyphrases and keywords. Search engines love blogs as a large amount of content is updated and

added to your site on a regular basis.


Online Viral Marketing

Construct your own online tool, game or feature to promote a product, service or increase brand awareness and include the facility to allow your clients to refer friends. Viral marketing encourages users to pass along a marketing message which is part of an uploaded video, game, screensaver or message/story etc. The recipient is given the tools to send on the chosen medium to one or multiple contacts.

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Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs


Peter Pan Advent Calendar

Peter Pan Advent Calendar


Mobile marketing

With the emergence of mobile internet, mediums such as iphone apps are increasingly being commercially used to promote business services and even sell products.
There are currently 3.3 billion mobile phone users worldwide. Mobile phones can now handle TV streaming, Internet access, music storage, and playback, and can be used as a payment method in some regions.

If the iPhone is used as a guide, then they are also set to become more intuitive to use, with bigger screens and online services together with GPS associated applications.

There is an abundance of statistical evidence that the iPhone and associated mobile devices are growing fast which opens up opportunities for businesses to take advantage of this phenomenon.

Startrek iPhone app

Search engine optimization

Organic ranking or CPC (Cost Per Click) campaigns

Organic search engine rankings is the term used for the main listings in search. To reach high positions with your website on organic rankings, it requires a strategy and is a long term solution. It can take months to reach a high position depending on your business sector. There are no gurantees (no matter what you can be promised by other agencies).

For instant measurable lead generation there is the CPC campaign. Google adwords is the most commonly known Cost per click service and with our advice and a measured test campaign you will generate a source of quantifiable business leads.
Your lead conversion will illustrate if this is a profitable solution.

Client retention tips

...and the rules we apply to our service to you

  • Deliver when and what you promise + go the extra mile

  • Be honest in the quality of your product or service

  • Solve customer issues as a priority

  • Stay intouch

  • Listen to your clients - feedback

Most of the above tips are up to you but we can help with the last two.

Enewsletters or ezines are a good way of keeping intouch with your clients and encouraging your clients to return to your website.

E-flyers can help you keep intouch with clients and are a cost effective marketing tool for advertising events, offers.

Social media is a powerful tool for keeping intouch with your client base and can be integrated to allow you to transmit announcements from your website to facilitators such as twitter, facebook and linkedIn. Alternatively create your own social networking site and keep those clients close. Follow our tweets

Blogs - Blogs are a great way of keeping your clients informed and can easily be integrated into your website design. These can either be constructed from scratch or bolt-on products can offer cost effective solutions. Publish an RSS feed and users can transmit your blogs from their site.

Online PR and affiliate marketing -a powerful way to market your product or service and lead potential clients to your website through mediums like banner advertising and ezine articles.

Online viral marketing - Construct your own online tool, game or feature to promote a product or service and include the tools to easily allow your clients to refer friends and with the right campaign strategy you can reach millions very quickly.

Mobile marketing - With the emergence of mobile internet, mediums such as iphone apps are increasingly being commercially used to promote business services and even sell products.

Copywriting – The pen is mightier than the html

Your website design, no matter how creative, can only do part of the job of communicating what you do. We have specialist copywriters that can not only convey what you do to your target audience, they can also optimise your website copy to improve your search engine ranking Read More GO


Website Design, the technical bit

Technically the website design is nothing without the 'technical bit' to make it work. We have inhouse dedicated programmers that, dependent of the objective of your website, will be involved at the briefing stage right through to the website completion.

Your website is programmed from the ground, up, no borrowed code, no template ‘all things to all men’ off-the-shelf products. Your website is designed and programmed with your objectives and requirements from scratch. We understand that our clients are not programmers themselves and therefore we also speak plain English. Your programming is completed inhouse and by a dedicated team.

We can talk you through every technical aspect from why we design at a specific resolution to what language we program with and why; while you are safe in the knowledge your site is being constructed to the highest industry standards.

For those amongst you that understand website design technical speil:

  • We construct your website design using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS is used in conjunction with XHTML to construct your site. The use of CSS brings many advantages including advanced features, lower file sizes and search engine favour this type of construction.

  • Your website design is programmed using XHTML which among other advantages also increases your search engine ranking.

  • RSS feeds can be added to your website for up-to-date content fed from other online sources to share industry news, and to keep your site content current.

  • Your website is programmed using ASP.NET for the more advanced features such as managing content on your site. Your website programming is written from scratch and so we can program a feature to operate in a way that suits you and your customers.

  • Your website database to hold information is MS SQL, it holds the information from your website such as customer’s information and dynamic content. We can also program features that allow you to export client information from your database as an excel spreadheet for use with other marketing campaigns.

  • Your website may use Javascript and AJAX to allow content to change without reloading the website page.

  • If your site would benefit from using full animated interactive multimedia we use Adobe Flash. We can also program with Actionscript which is the programming language created for Flash.

Website Design, Accessibility

Paramount to your website design is its level of accessibility and usability. We adhere to the guidelines set out in the WCAG (Website Content Accesibility Guidelines) and test every site against the W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium). The advantages for your website design include better search engine ranking and cross platform compatibility.


After reading the above, you are left wanting to know more, contact us

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